About Our Services:

From soap dispensers to sanitary bin services, we’ll take care of your bathrooms maintenance and hygienic management so that you have one less thing to worry about!


Tailored to suit you

Whether you need to facilitate families with babies, or a high volume of people, we work with you to devise a plan to suit your needs. We can service your site as frequently as needed. Pick and select the options and products that meet your needs with the option to easily change and upgrade the services as demand changes.

What we service

From sanitary bin services to soap dispensers, we service everything you could need to run a hygienic and pleasant bathroom for your customers and staff. The range of provided products are manufactured to our high quality specifications so you can be confident you are receiving a quality product you can rely on. 


and Workplace Safety

We are doing everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint including E-billing, LPG or diesel engines and recycling all our used aerosols. Sanitary Hygiene is also committed to providing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and work procedures for all our employees. 

Our Commitment

We take our service quality seriously. We are committed to achieving 100% satisfaction from our customers – So get in touch to experience our services!


About us

We’ll take care of your bathrooms maintenance and quality hygienic management so that you have one less thing to worry about! 

Our mission

We endeavor to always exceed customers’ expectations with our servicing.

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