Our high quality bathroom products:

All our bathroom products are designed to compliment almost any room, from sanitary bins to air fresheners. They are also manufactured to meet our high quality specifications and are fully maintained by us and our network of service providers.


Sanitary Bins

Our stylish sanitary bins are the perfect solution to your sanitary needs. They come with traditional or automatic lids providing unparalleled ease of use, while powerful sterilising vapour controls odour and bacteria within the unit. Our service includes the bins maintained at intervals designed to meet your requirements. Here’s one less thing you need to worry about!

Air Fresheners

Providing facilities with clean and pleasant smelling air is vital in maintaining a hygienic atmosphere. Combat unwanted odours with one of our air fresheners with full service maintenance provided. Discharged as either an aerosol or through a fan system, the organic fragrance neutralises odours and creates a nice smelling atmosphere.


Toilet Seat Cleaner

Toilet seat cleaners provide a hygienic and efficient feature that is utilized and appreciated by bathroom users. It shows them you care about cleanliness and hygiene. Our quality toilet seat cleaners spray sanitising fluid onto toilet paper to disinfect seats before use, reducing risk of cross contamination and providing peace of mind. Show your customers and staff you care today!

Soap Dispensers

Quality soap dispensers are important to the health and safety of everybody who uses your facility. Our strong and durable hand soap dispensers are suited to any bathroom. They have also been expertly designed to eliminate clogging, meaning the user friendly push activated dispenser delivers our soap every time. Our service includes a regular exchange of the soap container meaning it will be a hassle free addition or replacement in your bathroom. 


Hand Sanitisers

Ideal for the bathroom as well as kitchens, hotels and health industries, our hand sanitiser pumps liquid directly onto the hand, killing germs before drying within moments. It is a quick, no fuss hygiene solution. The sanitiser unit can hold 1 litre of our liquid at a time while service intervals can be tailored to suit your needs. 

Nappy Disposal Bins

When young families are going to use your facilities, nappy disposal bins are essential. Suiting Shopping Centres, Day Care Centres, Medical Centres and more, our safe and hygienic Nappy Bins compliment our change tables. Our 55L capacity bins are designed for heavy use and contain granules that kill germs and eliminate odour. We will take care of exchanging the bins when we service your facilities. 


Baby Change Table

Providing facilities that accommodate young families is important for many businesses. Our change tables are manufactured to the high Australian safety standards with reinforced polyethylene. The tables come in either a full or compact size and both include child protection straps. Further, the non-porous finish makes for easy cleaning. Available to rent or purchase. 

Sharps Container

Proper sharps disposal effects the safety of both staff and customers. Sharps containers are becoming a more expected facility for bathrooms in all industries and bathroom types. Our Australian standard yellow disposal units are securely attached to the wall with a tamper proof design. Our specially trained staff will regularly remove the sharps safely disposed of the contents. We’re taking the worry and danger out of your hands. 


Insect Control

There’s not many sights that lower the atmosphere of your facilities more than when customers or employees see insects such as flies and cockroaches. Combat this by installing one of our automatic insect control units. Serviced at the required intervals by our staff, the device uses natural, nontoxic ingredients to repel insects meaning that it is safe to use anywhere. 

Urinal/Toilet Sanitiser

These sanitising units are ideal for urinals, but can also extremely beneficial to all toilets. After being connected to the cistern, these units work by infusing a small amount of biodegradable sanitising liquid. This means less bacteria build up, a positive scent and elimination of the need to use harsh chemicals to clean the toilet. Our friendly staff will top up the liquid with each service.


Toilet Roll Dispensers

Functional and stylish toilet roll dispensers are a necessity in any bathroom. We supply three different types of dispensers so that we can tailor to your needs. A jumbo dispenser, distributing 300 metre rolls at a time, as well as twin dispensers in either a tower (left) or side by side format. We can also provide a variety of toilet papers to accommodate your needs!

Hand Towel Dispensers

Hand towel dispensers are important in the bathroom and many corporate break rooms, kitchens and industrial spaces. Our stylish dispensers provide efficient distribution of compact paper towels. Our dispensers go hand in hand with our paper towels to give you a functional, durable and high quality appliance that will last. 


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